Gender Trouble

NICC-Web-Table-Talk 'Gender Trouble' 13-06-2024

Gender Trouble: Bridging the Gap for Gender Equality in Foreign Affairs

Is gender a binary concept? How do our understandings of gender impact international policy? NICC hosted the WEB-Table-Talk  "Gender Trouble," an engaging online event exploring the fascinating intersection of gender diversity and foreign affairs.

Watch the recording of the NICC-Web-Table-Talk!

We brought together experts, advocates, and a new generation of activists for a thought-provoking discussion. We delved into the complexities of shaping policy amidst evolving gender identities, tackle generational divides, and strive for common ground in the fight for equality.

It’s clear that conversations on the social constructs of Gender are vital, and the participants contributions helped to pave the way for greater understanding and change.!